Ordering website components

As I continue setting up this site, one of the major things irking me was the order of content on the website. For example, I wasn’t loving that the first thing you saw when visiting the site was the giant picture of my face. I wanted to be able to put content at the top of the site and move information like my bio and work experience towards the bottom. Hugo allows you to weight certain types of content to change the order, so that’s what I tackled.

Home page content

Initially, I confused changing the weights in the config.toml file with actually changing the order of those sections on the home page, but doing that actually requires editing the Markdown files for those types of content in the content/home/ folder. For example, I decided I wanted to put posts first, so I went to content/home/posts.md and modified the weight argument so that it was lowest and continued editing the weights until everything was in the order I wanted.

Cecina Babich Morrow
Compass PhD Program

My research interests range from harnessing data to improve mental healthcare to understanding global patterns of macroecology.

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