Google Drive

Getting your own Google API credentials for R

Inspiration for this post My quest to make Google Drive play nice with R continues! If you’ve read my last post, you’ll know the process for using googledrive and/or googlesheets4 to access data from Google Drive in a non-interactive context, e.g. deploying a data product to RStudio Connect. This process works wonderfully…most of the time. When deploying processes accessing Google Drive that are automated and run regularly, or simply make large requests of Drive, you can start to run into problems with Google Drive’s API quota.

Publishing to RStudio Connect with Google credentials

Inspiration for this post As a data scientist, I frequently need to pull data from disparate sources and combine it in an automated fashion for other teams to access. Google Drive is one of the main places where data is stored. I use the googledrive and googlesheets4 packages to access this data regularly. It’s fairly simple to use these packages when working in your RStudio console locally: there is a great vignette for googledrive here and one for googlesheets4 here.