Operationalizing expert knowledge in species’ range estimates using diverse data types

Estimates of species’ ranges can inform many aspects of biodiversity research and conservation-management decisions. Many practical applications need high-precision range estimates that are sufficiently reliable to use as input data in downstream …

Talk: Delineating parapatric ranges using species distribution models and support vector machines: An example with three-toed sloths (Bradypus)

Despite growing understanding that biotic interactions may impose important constraints on distributional limits, species distribution modeling (SDM) applications typically focus on abiotic variables without explicitly accounting for biotic …

Poster: Improving species range estimates for an arboreal species group with a parapatric distribution

Using support vector machines to mask out biotically unsuitable areas improves species range estimates for *Bradypus*.

Distribution modeling of Bradypus

Species distribution modelling of *Bradypus variegatus*, *B. tridactylus*, and *B. torquatus*.